Active Musing is primarily a personal website with the goal of chronicling my (Daniel’s) thoughts. There may come a time where I invite guests to come author their own articles. However, as of this this writing, Active Musing has not obtained the viewership or the reach to justify the inclusion of guest authors. As such, this site will remain a personal space where I can chronicle my thoughts, stories, ideas, and  challenges. I still think too much, and am in need of a place to chronicle my thoughts and musings. I hope one day Active Musing does have the reach and influence to warrant guest authors. And I may invite trusted friends to do exactly that.  

For the foreseeable future this is a place for one man to explore the workings of the world through writing of various genres. Readers may discover creative writings, simple journal entries, articles discussing specific topics, even (however unlikely) poems. There may even come a time where I start to post picture galleries of my excursions.  My hope is not only to calm the inner workings of my mind but, to touch the hearts of my readers. I do not expect everyone agree with, or support the opinions expressed. However, I do expect everyone to be respectful of the author and those who choose to comment on the various pieces of content. Anything hostile or derogatory will be removed.

I realize how precious and finite my readers time is. So, thank you for dropping by and spending time browsing my humble site. Perhaps you will be challenged while you are here. I hope you enjoy your stay!