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Welcome to my coffee corner. In August 2023 I decided to deepen and expand my coffee hobby and knowledge. A brief introduction of my leap into the world of coffee can be found here. As a result of that leap I decided I needed a place to record my thoughts and ideas related to coffee. Initially, I used a moleskine notebook to record. Though, I’ve always found it easier to type than to handwrite. So, I decided to create an area of my website dedicated to coffee. I contacted my friend at Fancy Pants Artistry and commissioned additional images from him for this corner, as he was the one who has put in the lion’s share of the work in developing the images for my site. His work has allowed the various sections to remain thematically congruent.

Within you will find the various batches of coffee I have tasted and the notes relevant to those batches on the day they are used for brewing. My goal is to write posts based on my notes every so often, which is why there is a section of my blog available on this page. As I read and watch videos on this topic, I may add a section highlighting some of the research I found most helpful in developing this hobby. I hope you enjoy the musings of an amateur coffee connoisseur.

Coffee Notes
Coffee Batches
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