I’m sure Active Musing does not yet have the viewership for the site redesign to be noticed. However, I thought I would go over the thoughts behind the changes. Below is a screenshot of what the site used to look like. The difference is like night and day. As I was thinking about the vision and the future of Active Musing, I realized it could be much more than a personal blog. If designed with intent, it could be a place where many people could share their questions, musings, and insights about life, learning, and the journey we are all on.


With that in mind, I contacted an artist friend of mine, the owner of fpartistry, and commissioned him to design a logo and other relevant images for me. We worked together for about two weeks designing the new images you can now see throughout the site. He did all the heavy lifting; I just pointed him in the right direction. I am very pleased with the result. Not only do I have a logo unique to Active Musing but, the theme is now site wide. You have my profound thanks!

This change had to happen if Active Musing was to move from a personal blog to a site with content from multiple authors. While the original site design was not bad, and was relatively clean, it was far from looking professional. It was basically a bunch of images I found, purchased, and scrambled together, trying to unify them. It wasn’t bad for amateur hour. However, I believe the result of commissioning someone who makes his living as an artist can be clearly seen. From my viewpoint Active Musing looks like a professionally built WordPress site, and I am pleased.

With the transition from the old design to the new complete, there may be some tweaks and adjustments that still need to be made. However, I believe I am now ready to start inviting people to write for the site. While I don’t expect new authors any time soon, it is my desire to an army of people writing eventually. That said I want the site to grow organically. I want to have quality articles over quantity. As such, it will take time to attract the right kind of authors. To do that, I need to begin writing more regularly which, is hard given my graduate study workload.

I hope to begin writing more regularly soon. What comes may simply be my musings on life, learning, journey. After all, the core goal of the site has not changed. Active Musing is still a place for me to muse. Its scope has simply broadened a bit.

Till next we meet!