Well met and welcome back to another writing. I have been thinking about picking up the pen and paper again for a while. I could sit here a blame this thing or that activity for the lack of public presence. The truth of it is I have not dedicated time to this craft the way I should or need to in order to continue to be proficient. I have let life and all it entails impede this craft that I claim to enjoy. If I do claim to enjoy it the way I have suggested too many, what keeps me from it? Yes, the simple answer is, “I’m busy”. But that seems a little too dismissive in my estimation and for my taste. So, dear reader, let me attempt to regale you with the reasons I have left this space barren for so many months and into years.

First, let me implore I continue to enjoy the process of writing. In fact, I often give homework to my clients in the form of free writing; the act of writing without purpose or knowledge of what comes next. I find this to be one of the most therapeutic forms of writing. Indeed, I have written more than this site has suggested. I do free write. Not as often as I would like, but I try to use the tools I assign to my clients. I believe it helps process, work through, and sometimes clarifies emotions. Free writing can assist with being more creative, overcoming blocks, and developing worlds. So, yes, I have used and continue to use free writing in several ways. If only it were as simple as publishing my free writing. It’s never as simple as that.

Writing is time consuming. Good, proficient, and meaningful writing is even more so. So, while I find free writing, flow of consciousness writing easier than most types of writing, it does not mean it is appropriate for public consumption. Often, I find free writing is the beginning of a good creative piece. It allows for threads to be established and connected, but then the troublesome part comes; filling out the thread with content. Even more, those who are not practiced (me) find it time-consuming to fill out that thread.

I heard it once said in order to get better at writing, one must simply write. I firmly believe this to be true. If one does not practice their craft, they become rusty. There was a time where I wrote creatively every day. This is where my passion for it originated. In my younger years I took part in a shared creative narrative daily, waiting on bated breath for my partners to respond with their own creative pieces, building and shaping the shared universe. I absolutely adored this kind of creative expression. That adoration still exists, however, I have not been diligent in my creative craft. While I believe I am a better writer than I was all those years ago, that does not mean my creative muscle is what it used to be. It has atrophied. I can regain that muscle. I must use it. Which brings me to my next point.

Writing is hard. It’s hard to be creative. It takes work. Again, one of those phrases comes to mind. Nothing ever worth doing is easy. It does not matter what topic, subject, or endeavour we are talking about. There is truth in that statement. I cannot tell you how many times I have started creative projects only to put them down. I cannot tell you how many times I have purchased tools to aid in my objectives, only to put them down when it becomes challenging. This website is an example of that. I have put a lot of time, effort, and money into building a little corner of the internet for my writing. I have started and stopped many times over, leaving this space barren more often than not.

There have been copious amounts of tools I have invested in, trying to jumpstart my writing. A few of them being Focusme, World Anvil, 4theWords, and ProWritingAid. None of these are ineffective tools. In fact, the first draft of this post is being written in 4theWords, which gamify’s the writing process. I would say these tools are excellent tools for writing. These tools are effective only when used. And that is the crux of the issue. They must be used. I still must devote time to the writing process if I want to improve my creative skill, tool or not.

Simply, I have not chosen to devote time to this craft or skill. Choice is another word I have become fond of recently. Everything we do in this life boils down to choice, left or right. There is nothing that is not a choice. The choices I have made have not included writing. This has been to the detriment of my creative. If I want to restore my creative, I must choose to write. I must choose to spend the time putting pen to page, engaging in the process. It means I need to say “no” to some activities in my life in order to accomplish this goal. I believe writing will make me a better person, especially when considering the long view. What I know is writing is good for me, whatever the type.

So what does that mean for this space? I’m not sure yet. I do not want to put too much pressure on myself to write yet and risk burnout. With that said, I have set a goal for at least 500 words a day. I’ve noticed how quickly 500 goes by in my other writing projects. It seems very doable, especially if I give myself a “cheat” day.  Does that mean I will post publicly daily? No. Maybe. I’m not sure. It depends on what I have to say on the topic. I’m sure much of my writing will be of the free write variety, not necessarily fit for corporate viewing; as it should be. With that said, my intention is to write more, even if that writing does not make it to the published stage.  All that said, this space should be seeing an uptick in use.

Till next we meet.