It has been a moment since I have written anything, particularly anything, public or about coffee. I have not stopped drinking coffee. It is my morning companion unless I am ill. I simply have not taken the time to write anything public. Well, that is not entirely true. While I have not written a post or published anything, I have a living document I update with my thoughts about brews and batches of coffee. This document can be found here for anyone interested. So, I have been writing and taking notes. I just have not made an official published post containing my thoughts. It’s time I remedy that.

Through my testing and coffee consumption, I believe I have found my preferred grind setting. Using the Opus Grinder, that grind setting is between a 7 and 7.5. Personally, this allows for much of the flavor of the brew to come through without extracting much of the bitter flavors that may come with roasts. This is why grind size matters. The finer the grind size, the more extraction happens with a grind. Overall, extraction is not a bad thing, but there is a fine line between perfect extraction and over-extraction. This also deals with preference. Some folks like more extraction, others like less extraction. I want less extraction to avoid the bitter of coffee, at least as much as possible. You could say I prefer coffees that are lighter in roast (medium light) and are described as sweet and inviting. So, a coarser grind setting is recommended.

It isn’t just about preference, either. It is about the type of brew being attempted. Expresso requires the finest of grinds. This is because of the brew and the pressure used in extracting the flavors. If brewing French press style coffee, it is suggested to use a coarse grind setting. This is because it is an immersion style of brew. Below that is drip and then pour-over. These days I am mainly brewing pour-over coffee. Another consideration should be the temperature brewing at, specifically whether the aim is for hot coffee or cold(iced) coffee. The general recommendation for iced pour-over (Japanese style) is to increase the grind size by one full setting, making the grind coarser. I have found this to be true. Because of the method Japanese Style iced coffee requires, one is brewing a hot coffee concentrate and then cooling it with ice in the craft. The concentrate brings more of the bitter flavors in a brew out. So so combat this, a coarser grind size is recommended.

So far, I have been enjoying my coffee exploration journey. Trying different batches from different companies and bean locations has been a treat. It’s interesting to see the difference in flavors simply by location, altitude, and roast of the beans. There is nothing quite like a good, smooth cup of coffee.

Till next we meet.