005: Mornings

Alight spring breeze ruffled the curtains covering the window to his right, allowing streaks of the morning light to dance on his face. It’s warmth spread to the corners of his face and, he caught himself enjoying the feeling. It was like a warm caress [...]

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Entry 004: Darkness

The darkness seemed oppressive and intimidating. Even for one such as this, who was accustomed shadows and dark dealings. His eyes darted quickly left and right, looking for the danger he felt in his bones. There was something wrong with this meeting. The man didn’t [...]

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Entry 003: Reflections

As much as things change they stay the same. As time moves forward, I am realizing how true that statement is. Last night, after I posted my last entry I went back and reread the entire history of ActiveMusing. Something stood out. How similar my [...]

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Back to Writing

It has been a while since I have written anything of substance. Even further, it has been longer since I have attempted any form of creative writing. What some know that others do not is that I enjoyed, have always enjoyed writing creatively. I have [...]

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