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Welcome to my work in progress (wip) section of my website. As I have returned to writing over the years, I have noticed I tend to start and stop writings often. Sometimes inspiration strikes, other times inspiration leaves. What results is writing left in an unfinished state. It’s no less important than my finished works. In fact, I have more wip projects than I do completed. This is one of the reasons this site seems so barren. As I have been doing writing this holiday season on the various platforms I use, I decided I needed a space in my corner of the internet for my unfinished works.

Thus, this space was born. Inside you will find mainly creative works in various stages of completion. Some are in very early stages, while others are nearing their end.  My hope is that each piece will eventually make it to a finished form, but that will always remain a question mark. Feel free to comment as you see fit. Feedback is always welcome. I hope you enjoy this look into the process of a creative mind that is always developing.

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